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"I find Robn is as resilient as she is fearless.

I admire her commitment to her passions in life

and her willingness to pursue her dreams

I believe she is a wonderful example of a powerful young woman

and would be an incredibly positive force in any classroom or on any team."

Gregory Navarro-Pickens

StudioPick Arts, Long Beach


"Robn is a dynamic educator that adapts and seeks ways to blend her nurturing and caring demeanor with her passion for inspiring students to engage fully and have fun in the process of learning. She creates a learning environment that is both safe and comfortable, but also inviting for a student to take risks in growing to their full potential.


In my work with her I have seen the thought and dedication she puts forth into her planning and teaching of students, individualizing her curriculum to reach every child at their level...within that reaching their creativity, curiosity, self-confidence and social well being."

Pedro Jimenez

Peninsula Heritage School

Director of Admissions & Middle School Dean

As an art educator and community advocate, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Robn Bacchus on several projects over the last decade. She brings with her a vast array of practical experience, and is knowledgeable in numerous creative processes. Robn has a calm, solution oriented approach to encouraging young artists to engage in new and challenging  projects.


Robn has a strong sense of self, and an innate ability to communicate with individuals who process information and instruction through various learning modalities. Her youthful energy is contagious with the younger learners, and she is able to help them maintain sustained focus on projects and lessons.

Robn has traveled extensively, and brings a unique worldview into the studio. She has a  passion for providing students with a creative outlet during this critical time in their lives. She is on a short list of fellow artists / educators that will always have a position on whatever project I may be working on at the time.

Stephen Elicker

Westerly School of Long Beach


"Robn has always inspired me through her way of bringing ideas into action. She has such a fiery initiative and makes dreams happen! The journeys she takes us on are carefully curated and provide powerful tools for becoming happier and more in tune with ourselves, our creativity, and our surroundings. 

However, what calls me most to work with Robn is her way of making everyone feel held and listened to. It's her deep empathy and interpersonal understanding that forges connections." 

-May Baker

 Tanquian Ecohome, Galacia

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