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Young Artist  Video Bundle

4 Video Lessons highlighting

Art Connection and Skill Building. 

Great for independent or group art-making,

for artists ages 4-8 years.


Lessons include:

  • Picasso’s Dog (30 minutes)

Create a funky dog inspired by the artist Pablo Picasso.

Focus: Art History and Connection

  • Mood Lines (30 minutes)

Explore the connection between color and feelings.

Focus: Social-Emotional Reflection (RULER)

  • The Golden Spiral (2 x 20-minutes)

Using scissors and the pattern of the universe,

create two paper pets.

Focus: Elements of 3D Art

  • Overlapping Leaves (2 x 20-minutes)

Explore lines & shapes to create a colorful nature scene.

Focus: Elements of 2D Art

Screen Shot 2021-08-14 at 8.44.49 PM.png

Painting with the Poet

Build the skills to create an ink landscape painting,

inspired by traditional Chinese painters.


Course access includes includes art lessons, resources,

and a easy-to-follow video tutorials 


This beginner course will be successful for

artists ages 8 and up, including adults. 


$80 Course includes:

Lesson 1) Artwork Connection: Poet on a Mountaintop

Lesson 2) Brushstrokes Practice

Lesson 3) Understanding Value

Lesson 4) Landscapes 101

Lesson 5) Painting an Ink Landscape

+ $20 optional mailed materials kit.

Screen Shot 2021-08-14 at 8.51.13 PM.png

Digital Photography 101

Learn the basics of digital Photography,

from camera functions to composition and beyond.


Course access includes 4 video lessons with

activity extensions for real world skill practice.


Lesson 1: Camera Basics

Lesson 2: Composition 

Lesson 3: Exposure & Lighting

Lesson 4: Careers in Photography


Great for ages 8+

Photography Techniques
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